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We offer visitors to Waterford Farm and Penwarn Country Lodge the following activities for them to experience.

If that is not enough to keep you occupied for a week or more, just relaxing in some of the most stunning scenery in the world should keep you happy for a few days.

Guided tours around the dairy.
Come and see how a large dairy functions, the milking of the cows, the feeding and management of such a large herd. Come see the calves, the milk storage and how the whole business of dairy farming works. We find that our visitors are intrigued by what really happens on a dairy farm.

Guided tours around the horses.
We will show you examples of all the various breeds we have. Be introduced to our massive draft horses – the Shires, Clydesdales and Percherons. Come face to face with our athletic American Quarter Horses and our beautiful refined Arabians. Enjoy the colours of our Paints and hopefully be intrigued with the shades of our dun horses and ponies.



Horse trails.
We have a wonderful horse trainer who will take you on horse rides through our magnificent scenery and get you close to the game. You will be given tips and advice on how to work with horses.

Horse Rides

Carriage Rides.
Beautiful scenery, the freshest air and wildlife, all to be experienced while taking an exhilarating carriage ride.

Carriage Rides Carriage Rides

Horse training.
Once again, our skilled trainer will demonstrate to you how he goes about training horses, we will be very surprised if you are not in awe of this man's natural abilities and communication skills with a horse. We will arrange demonstrations for you. We also will be holding formal clinics in the future on horse training. These clinics will be run by two extremely competent specialist horse trainers.

Birding tours.
For the bird viewing enthusiast, we offer an exceptional variety of bird life including some very special, rare species. We can take you on a guided tour where we will do our best to show you some of these rare specials that include Wattled Cranes, Bearded Vultures, Stanley Bustards and Bald Ibis. 

A more complete list consisting of some 300 species to be seen is available at the lodge. Included in this list is the possibility of seeing all three Crane species on this one property, up to 400 Cape Vultures and 14 Bearded Vultures, a myriad of waterfowl, a variety of birds of prey, many summer migrants, including hundreds of White Stalks, Auger Kestrels, Quail, 1000’s of vlei birds in the many hectares of wetlands, Fish Eagle and Osprey, and the list goes on.

Once in a while we get unusual temporary visitors like Lappet Faced Vultures, Pelicans, Flamingos, Marabou Storks... and who knows what might pop up during your visit.


You can walk for days around the property discovering new areas. You also may ask for a guide to take you on a guided hike either around the property or through the adjacent World Heritage Site. These hikes can vary from just a few kilometers to rigorous hikes for the experienced hiker.

For the fishing enthusiast we have a very special variety of fishing available. With over 20 km of trout rivers and 50 dams available to fish in, you can fish for days without fishing the same water twice.

We have over 10 km of the Nqwaqwane River and 10 km of the Nqwaqwanyana River available. These rivers have natural wild trout. The rivers are extremely beautiful with rapids and huge pools and will treat any river fisherman to a great outdoor experience.

Fishin And Having Fun

Over 50 dams are stocked with trout, both Rainbow and Brown. A few dams at the lower end of the system also have Bass for the bass enthusiast. We have a number of selected dams that offer trophy size fish, with many fish over 10 pounds being regularly caught. The biggest brown trout caught thus far was 12 and half pounds and numerous Rainbow trout larger than this have been landed.

These exclusive trophy dams are managed under a separate management policy and are reserved for the specialist fly fisherman.

Fly Fishing

Bushman paintings.
The following is a collection of pictures taken of some of the rock art on the farm. The farm and the surrounding areas and world heritage site is rich in rock art. There are many thousands of pictures to found in caves and overhangs in the surrounding hills and mountains.

I ask you to look at these pictures and contemplate what was the meaning of these pictures, and why are there so many sites in this area, and perhaps most important of all where have the little people gone who did this art. Some of the pictures are probably ancient and some are not from long ago as some depict the Boer’s on horseback and their cattle. They only arrived here a couple of 100 years ago.

I think the disappearance of these people is a tragedy of significance.

The preservation and recording of these pictures is of growing importance as the area is faced with increasing tourism. Once they are damaged and gone, they will be gone forever.

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